PhotoStars 2017 - Make the most out of your memories

Start doing something with your photos!

Whether Vacation or weekend trip, christening or wedding, being outside with your kids or inside with your pets. Whether architecture or landscapes in nature. We shoot thousands of of photos each and every year, just to have those invaluable memories rot on our harddrive, to never see the light of day again.

Start editing and showcasing your photos now!

10 multimedia applications of well known software manufacturers

The 10 included applications of well known software manufacturers offer a plethora of editing options for your photos. From classic Black and White portraits/ photography and brillantly colored sunsets to perfectly optimized pictures of your kids. Even complex, animated travel route videos or a comic about a weekend trip with friends or family are easily possible now. Get it all in our big PhotoStars 2017 bundle!

User friendly Applications

A very important criterium for the bundle applications was great usability and where necessary a solid, detailed manual.

Broad range of interesting features

Nearly even more important was to give you a lot of interesting options for editing and using your images! Enjoy your creativitiy and surprise friends and family!

The quick overview

  • HDR effects for more consistent brightness and contrast
  • Gorgeous video animations of your travel routes
  • Great working one-click optimization and repair
  • Black & white development of your photos
  • Colorful effects and presets for your photos
  • Fun foto compositions and cutting out of persons and objects
  • Present your images on your very own website
  • Create your own comic strips
  • Backup not only your photos but all files and your system!
  • Conversion of diverse media formats for lots of different devices


For the unexpected case that you are not entirely happy with the products we recommended at softwarestars please write to our customer service within 60 days of your purchase and get a full refund, no questions asked! Although we'd love to hear the reason, to make our service and our product range better!

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