PhotoStars 2017 - These applications are part of the bundle

10 applications for only 39,95 USD instead of 655,90 USD*

These applications work on Windows PCs with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1. or 10! macOS, iOS and Android unfortunately aren't supported.

By the way: You already save, if you like at least one of the applications with a MSRP of over 39,95 USD (of which there are 7 in the bundle). And if - against all odds - you don't like the bundle at all you're covered by our unconditional, no questions asked 60-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee!

User friendly Applications

A very important criterium for the bundle applications was great usability and where necessary a solid, detailed manual.

Broad range of interesting features

Nearly even more important was to give you a lot of interesting options for editing and using your images! Enjoy your creativitiy and surprise friends and family!

Quick Overview

  • HDR effects for more consistent brightness and contrast
  • Gorgeous video animations of your travel routes
  • Great working one-click optimization and repair
  • Professional Black & White development of your photos
  • Colorful effects and presets for your photos
  • Fun foto compositions and cutting out of persons and objects
  • Present your images on your very own website
  • Create your own comic strips
  • Backup not only your photos but all files and your system!
  • Convert your music, videos and photos for lots of different devices!

HDR projects 3

Part of the bundle instead of 149,00 USD*

100% Made in Germany - HDR projects 3 helps everyone from beginner to photo enthusiasts create masterful images.

But what is HDR anyway? HDR is a technology that aims to bring the colours surrounding us to life in your photos.
You probably have shot lots of photos under dark conditions that have turned out less than ideal, because they got either a very bright background or a very dark foreground or a combo of both. Thanks to HDR projects this issue is a problem of the past. This technique works best with image sequences of at least three.
But now for the true kicker of HDR projects: It works with one image as well and therefore gives you the option to beautify each and every photo you ever shot! And of course you don't need an expensive camera as well (although that always helps your pics of course ;-))

Photomizer Pro 2

Part of the bundle instead of 49,99 USD*

You will love the optimization and repair functions of Photomizer Pro, but you’ll probably love the brilliantly simple and time-saving interface even more. Why? It leads you quickly and practically without any learning curve to your goal: Creating great photos out of flawed digital photos!

Often it's only nuances the unexperienced eye fails to see, that make a good photo great. Photomizer automatically recognizes these nuances helps you develop better photos risk-free!
If you want even fully automated thanks to batch processing!

PHOTO WORKS projects 3 elements

Part of the bundle instead of 69,00 USD*

Forget everything that you have so far heard about photo editing. PHOTO WORKS projects 3 elements contains 75 custom-built presets created by international photographers to conjure looks that will impress you and your community.

You're not left alone with all those options of course. Those presets are sorted into a number of categories depending on what you're shooting, e.g. Landscape, Portrait or Architecture. Of course you can combine filters for even more refined results!

Still not enough variety? Well no worries... All presets can be adjusted manually. Enjoy getting the most out of your images!

Vasco da Gama 8 HD Professional

Part of the bundle instead of 149,00 USD*

Vasco da Gama is the only software we know that lets you animate high-resolution videos of your travel routes. Enjoy the variety of new and old, technically sophisticated animations in all their splendor.

With Vasco da Gama 8, you can illustrate every detail of your trip with great precision and then create your own animation.
Show your progress towards the departure airport as travelled by car or by train and then take off into your adventure.

Videos created with Vasco da Gama do work great as lead in to your slideshow or even standalone on Youtube or your website.

Photo Clip 7

Part of the bundle instead of 69,99 USD*

With InPixio Photo Clip 7, your digital scissors, you can cut out any details, people, objects or even scenery from your photos and remove distracting elements. Now you're in full control of your digital images.

Afterwards just add the cut out persons or objects to different backgrounds and images for super fun photo-montages or collages

Do you want to share those pics online afterwards? Photo Clip got you covered there as well. Share your pics on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and others!

MyFormatConverter Basic

Part of the bundle instead of 29,99 USD*

MyFormatConverter gives you the best image and sound quality across all of your devices! By using MyFormatConverter, your music, movies and photos are adapted to each of your devices – whether that's a smartphone, regular cell phone, tablet, media player or your desktop!

Say goodbye to the confusing format jungle out there all thanks to a single, simple application!

BLACK & WHITE projects 3 elements

Part of the bundle instead of 69,00 USD*

With presets developed by professional photographers, BLACK & WHITE projects 3 elements stands out with classic analog color filters and hue effects. Get all the contrast and brightness information current black & white photography has to offer.

With the easy handling starting out in Black & White photography has never been easier! Nuances that once were the realm of the Pros are now available to amateurs and hobbyists as well.

And if you're even more ambitious B&W projects offers you ways to grow beyond that thanks to its manual controls!

Comic Studio Deluxe

Part of the bundle instead of 19,99 USD*

Comic Studio Deluxe transforms you into a Comic artist, even if you’re artistically challenged. It delivers not only the full drawing frame for your comic but thanks to its versatile and easy to use toolbox delivers much more than that. Art that comes with the application includes speech bubbles, comic characters, backgrounds and much more to help you build your dream comic.

Of course you can use your own photos and illustrations as well, for example if you want to create a comic with friends and family!

Website X5 Home

Part of the bundle instead of 19,99 USD*

Creating websites with WebSite X5 Home 12 is easy and fun. Forget about technical hassles: you don’t need to know how to program in HTML, all you need to know is what you want to create. And you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create your website and get it online in 5 quick steps.

Starting out is easy with Website X5, particularly because of the beautiful premade templates. Just choose your design and off you go....

Paragon Backup & Recovery 15 Home 

Part of the bundle instead of 29,95 USD*

Paragon Backup & Recovery Home is a powerful solution for reliable backup and ultimate recovery. Whether simply saving data, automating backup processes, or creating complex backup routines, this package of useful tools covers all your needs. It quickly backs up your photos, other files and folders, your hard disk or even the entire operating system to any storage you choose. Backup & Recovery Home ensures that your photos (your system and other files, too, of course) are protected dependably - and can be restored in case of a disaster!


In case that you (unexpectedly ;-)) aren’t entirely happy with our products on we will refund your purchase up to 60 days after you bought with no questions asked. Just write a quick email to our service and we're glad to take care of you. And yes we mean glad...

10 Photography-Applications - 93% Discount!**

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System Requirements

Windows Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10
Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core
Screen resolution: 1280*1024 Pixel
Graphics: DirectX-9+ compatible
Internet connection for activation and additional functionality

System requirements for Vasco da Gama 8 HD Professional only:

Hard disk space: 12 GB
3D Graphics card with the following minimum features:
- 512 MB RAM
- At least support for OpenGL 3.3
- At least support for ShaderModel 3.0
- At least support for 8 Texture mapping units
Intel HD, Laptop or Onboard-Graphic with the above features may work, but are not officially supported for Vasco da Gama!

* Amount of the current or former Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (MSRPs) according to the manufacturers. Pricing for other currencies: EUR 39.95 | CAD: 59.95| AUD: 59.95 | CHF: 44.95 | GBP:34.95 | RUB: 2995,- | Yen 4995,-The base price for conversion into unmentioned currencies is 39.95 Euro not USD.
** Bundle offer price compared to the sum of the current or former MSRPs of the manufacturers.